Skippy AI Docs

✅ Subtasks Generation

Select an AI Provider

1. Click on the 'Generate Subtasks' button to open the app modal

2. Select which AI Provider you would like to use:
Google AI (PaLM2): Recommended for quicker responses and more up to date information.
OpenAI (ChatGPT-3.5): Recommended for more technical responses.
Please note: ChatGPT responses can take longer times and may timeout occasionally. If this happens, you can either retry, or use another provider.

3. You can also use the context field to help the AI Provider narrow down the possible responses.

4. If you would like to check which data will be sent to the AI Provider, please click on the toggle.
You can double check and sanitize any data before sending it over as part of the AI request payload.

5. Once you're happy with the options, please click on the 'Generate Suggestions' button.
This will contact the AI Provider to give you the options to select from.
Please note: This will not create any subtasks yet in Jira. Please see the next steps for that.
Review and Create

1. If the AI Provider was able to provide suggestions, these will be listed in checkboxes for you to choose from

2. You can use the 'Regenerate' button to request new options from the AI Provider.
Please note: This option will reuse the same configuration from the first page and asks the AI for new suggestions.

3. If you would like to change the initial config and start over, please use the 'Reset' button.

4. Once happy with the selected options and would like to create these and link them to your Jira ticket, please click on the 'Create Selected Subtasks' button.

5. A confirmation modal should be displayed.
Please note: To see the created subtasks, please refresh the page.